Venetian Blinds


An invention that exceeds the barrier of time defines a product that combines utility with classical and refined appearance. Venetian Blinds can have different slat widths and different types of maneuvering, in order to satisfy the most diverse tastes.

Some of the practical advantages of the Venetian Blinds wich makes them desirable and easily adaptable to any interior are their simple maintenance and cleaning. In addition, the variety of designs and color options ensure adaption to your requirements and interior design.

Venetian Blinds are made out of aluminum slats with a variety of slat widths. They offer many possibilities of handling and installation. The manual operation is done by wand and cord or by using a single chain as a mono command system.

Motorization is possible by using an electrically operated system with switch or remote control. The small operating space and the high flexibility allow a wide range of installation possibilities both at home or at work.


Technical Details

TRIDENT Sun protection technology
Venetian blinds Clasic Amarant®

This is the model that allows all types of applications, going from small to moderate applications to applications of maximum sizes of around 9 square meters for one blind. They are provided with fastening systems that allow blind catching both horizontally and vertically.

Characteristics of the materials used for this type of venetian blind:


  • Slat material type: anodized aluminum.
  • Slat width: 25mm, 16mm
  • Slat thickness: 0.19mm
  • Slat source: import from SWEDEN.
  • Slat colors: upon request (from a wide range of colors)


  • Material type: painted aluminum sheet
  • Dimensions: 19x27mm
  • Source: import from SWEDEN
  • Color: the same as the slats.


  • Material type: polyester
  • Fabric source: import from SWEDEN
  • Color: the same as the slats

Other components

  • Material type: thermal-resistant plastic material
  • Components’ source: import from SWEDEN
  • Color of components: the same with the one of the slats

Blind dimensions

  • Blind width: according to the dimensions required by the customer (min. 29cm – max. 300cm).
  • Blind length: according to the dimensions required by the customer (max. 400cm)

Operation system
The manual operation system is done with a blind rotating mechanism, activated by a transparent rod. This system allows you to rotate the blinds (in a wide range of almost 360°) and thus adjust the light flux that goes beyond the blind. The manual operation system also contains a slat lifting system. Blind blocking at a certain height can be done with a compact roller system (a block) built in the headrail. The lock and respectively the release of the mechanism are done by driving the blind’s chain.

To avoid balance or to install on double opening windows (horizontal and vertical) can be fitted optionally, a lateral fixing system (either the variant with pin and hook or the variant with lateral fixing with guiding cord).

Venetian blinds Privacy Amarant®

The system Privacy Amarant® gives you total sun protection and maximum discretion, allowing a much improved rejection of solar radiation.
This system shows a special construction to provide a factor as good as possible to stop the transmitted light, the slat density being 20% higher than in the Classic model, and the holes are arranged differently from the classic model.
Is used a small ladder for the slat with a lower step, the coverage degree of two consecutive slats being higher than in the classic-type blind.
This type of blinds have been specially designed for rooms where light penetration is not desired and are ideal for rooms where there are computer screens or TV screens and light penetration is disturbing.
They also provide more privacy in the rooms where this is necessary. The entire range of colors available for the classic system is available for the Privacy system also. Basically, almost all components used to make the Classic model are used to make the model Privacy, with the exception of the ladder.