PVC Windows


The concept of the PVC windows that we offer is the ideal solution to achieve a pleasant and quiet environment for the interiors of homes and apartments at an affordable price.
The range of PVC windows that we supply is based on a high experience in window manufacturing techniques, using high technological processes based on high quality criteria that respond to everyone’s expectations in terms of functioning, equipment and aesthetics.

The SALAMANDER profiles that we use are of German origin and they guarantee excellent thermal insulation. To further improve insulation, three sheet glazing can be used so that the degree of thermal transfer reaches only 0.5 W/m2K.
You can choose from a wide range of profiles that allow more options for various types of installation in new buildings or renovations. The reinforcement elements located within the profiles guarantee stability and functionality.

Tehnical details

Salamander Design 2D profile

– Depth of folding generous
Suitable for commercial applications

– Large steel reinforcement sizes

Ensure maximum stability, high functionality and Stability in time

– Design attractive profile
Combined with the latest technology in terms of windows

– Very easy maintenance
Dense surface is resistant vinyl brand
Absolute waterproof and easy to clean

New dimensions in terms of comfort

Choosing the right window is the key to a healthy and comfortable environment. Besides the sleek appearance, 2D profile with a depth of 60mm frame construction offers impressive functionality. Stablitatea and ease of maintenance are the foundation of a sophisticated design.


U = 1.4 W/m²K
Sound protection up to 46dB.
Resistance to burglary, Class 2 (acc. DIN V ENV 1627)

Streamline Salamander Profile

– Depth of folding generous
Allows use of all types of glass, isolated secured or special
– Large steel reinforcement
Guarantee stability
– Appearance classic, elegant
Combined with the latest technology in terms of
– Resistance climate and maintenance Easy
Because vinyl with a dense surface structure
– High quality decorative foil
Offers a range of rich colors
– Reduces the maintenance costs
System with 5 rooms and two levels of isolation, provides maximum sound isolation and protection

Convenience of living in the most beautiful view

Perfect choice for those who value elegance and comfort everyday. This profile looks attractive not only good but also offers comfort and reduce energy consumption substantially. Leading technology in terms of windows, this system is equipped with 5 bedrooms, 76mm depth profile and two levels of insulation ensures optimal thermal insulation and sound protection and a high level of safety. All you need to feel great. Extremely weather resistant and easy to clean surfaces requires new standards of strength and ease of maintenance.


U = 1.3 W/m²K
Sound protection up to 47dB.
Resistance to burglary, Class 2 (acc. DIN V ENV 1627)

Evolution Blue Salamander Profile

– Perfection “Made in Germany”
A very high level of quality due to monitoring continuous production process and materials high performance use.
– Thermal protection built
Excellent thermal insulation so energy costs are minimized.
– Protection against noise, burglary and rain.
Due to the large depth profile and the 3 levels isolation.

Window future

Blue Evolution Top unify technology with modern design future-oriented and pragmatic.
6 rooms with optimized profile with a depth of 92mm provides exceptional thermal insulation and excellent energy efficiency. Due to the 100% recyclable vinyl, window system bluEvolution is the future. In most cases, this window is the best decision both for new buildings and renovations.