Built-in Venetians


Built-in Venetians not only look spectacular but they are a high quality product that shows great reliability over time. Because the blind is integrated inside the insulating glass panel it doesn’t deteriorate over the years and it doesn’t get dirty.

Once sealed inside the glass panel, the blind remains at its initial stage for a long amount of time since it can not be damaged by external environmental factors.
This product shows great stability in time and is one of the most practical solutions to solve sun protection, thermal and sound insulation since the glass panel can be filled with Argon, increasing thermal and acoustic insulation.

Once sealed inside the glass, the blind practically never deteriorates, so the functionality of the product is guaranteed over time. There are different types of maneuvering: by chain, by button or automatically by remote control. Built-in Blinds can be produced to big dimensions so that they can successfully be installed on big glass façades.

If you decide to renovate your house and you buy the windows from us, then you can also benefit from sun protection and privacy by having your blind already positioned inside the glass panel once your windows are installed so that no additional work is needed.