Aluminum Windows


Aluminum window systems offered by our company can be used in all areas of the public sector to the private, from the industrial to the household. The SCHUCO aluminum profiles that we use have a low weight, the mechanical properties are stable even at high temperature differences, they do not rust, they do not change their properties over time and they are resistant to environmental, chemical and physical agents.
The SCHUCO aluminum windows can thus be used for applications that require large glass surfaces but also for various common applications since they are very durable and ensure high stability, protection and comfort. The high stability and durability are the key reasons to choose this type of joinery, as are the manufacturing dimensions that can be very generous.

Schuco Systems

Aluminium window systems

Orientation towards design, the need for complex window systems, durable and with various architectural possibilities imposed the aluminum as the ideal solution. The aluminum window systems can be used in all areas, from public sector to the private one, from the industrial sector to the domestic one. More and more customers define their identity through buildings with extensive glazing, curtain-wall type facades, greenhouses and glass domes, situation where the aluminum is absolutely necessary.

At the same time, this solution is also perfectly compatible with individual homes through aluminum profiles with thermal barrier that provide good insulation and a high resistance to environmental time factors. Using aluminum profiles can be obtained windows with a high degree of thermal insulation (1.1 – 1.8K/m2k) with a very good sound insulation factor (R = 34dB), with a stability of form but also of great sizes in a diverse range of colors (the range of colors is virtually unlimited, providing outstanding architectural possibilities).
In addition, the aluminum window system guarantees the easiest maintenance, the color remaining unchanged over time (due to the dyeing process, which provides very good coverage and a high quality of paint film).

Other advantages of aluminum window systems:

  • Reduced weight, with direct effect on the lifetime of closing mechanisms and on the “loading” of building structure.
  • In terms of resistance, good mechanical strength, the aluminum alloys can easily compete with the steel having a strength 43 times higher than wood and 23 times higher than PVC, thus the window systems of this type have a long life (approx. 50 years)
  • The mechanical properties are also maintained in the presence of large differences of temperature.
  • The interval for which do not appear significant changes is much higher than the one for which the window systems are currently subject to service there is no need for additional reinforcement, the necessary mechanical strength being obtained in terms of a low specific weight does not rust, does not become yellow, is resistant to environmental, chemical and physical agents, it requires no special care
  • The possibility to achieve special geometric configurations due to the large number of sections offered and to the possibility of combination between the series of profiles, one can cover any area of use. The series of special profiles (like design of the profile, but also in terms of color, it offers great possibilities for renovations and reconstructions. Thus one can choose between the profile systems that satisfy any architectural exigencies with the best quality / price ratio

Genarally the applications where are used aluminum window systems can be divided into two big categories:
windows, doors, partitions, verandas, winter gardens, sliding elements, curtain walls
In terms of the type of profile, can be remembered several categories of profiles:

  • aluminum profiles without thermal barrier
  • aluminum profile with thermal barrier
  • hybrid profile (interior wood, exterior aluminum)

For profiles with polyamide thermal barrier is eliminated the thermal conductivity of the metal, providing a thermal coefficient close to that of PVC systems. Size of the thermal barrier depends on the application where will be used those profiles.
The high degree of reliability and good sealing is a result of using a particular hardware system and an advanced sealing system (formed of more seals specially profiled mounted on the frame, made of EPDM, resistant to wear, with delayed aging capacity, guaranteeing thus good sealing for many years). The sealing color can be chosen to be in tone with the finish of the windows executed.

We provide a seal against water and wind in accordance with the existing standards in the field.

The hardware system provides an easy handling of doors and windows being available in the variant with side opening, swing, tilt-sliding and by the additional elements (ventilation device, window handle with key closing option) provides the satisfaction of more special exigencies.

Using adjustable hardware systems there is the possibility of realizing some fine tuning, thus providing flawless operation of the moving parts.The hardware presents special safety systems, of protection from wrong driving, such as the existence of a mechanism for lifting the frame that also assures the protection against any wrong operation for the tilt-sliding and swing windows (at the swing it is just a lifting piece).
The handles with beautiful shapes, ergonomic, adaptable hinge systems on a wide range of profiles, curved design that fits in the assembly of the modern window are characteristics that also define the used hardware. One can use hardware systems with special properties in the field of protection against intrusion, using special safety items (closures in several points, special hinge systems, etc.).
The windows are fitted with thermopane glass, in a wide range, from the thermopane glass 4+12+4 mm float, being a multitude of choices regarding the type of glass used (transparent, colored, reflective, anti-efraction, sandblasted, curved, etc..) and the insulated properties of that glass (with a coefficient of thermal insulation of at least 1.1K/m2k). Depending on each case in part, can be mounted decorative rods between the two glass surfaces.

In the construction of major objectives representing office buildings, but not limited to, glass is the primary closing element used.

The structural, semi-structural or normal curtain walls provide high resistance of the assembly and large glass surfaces. This type of solution is required by several sure advantages:
the view to the exterior of the building, as well as the natural light that enters inside in abundance, creating optimal working conditions for those who choose this type of energy-saving closures, also these facade systems are recommended due to their very good thermal-insulating properties.

Curtain walls are used in applications such as vertical buildings, positively or negatively sloped, buildings with three-dimensional surfaces. Curtain walls can be combined with Alucobond Etalbond platting for a modern look and easy maintenance.

Sisteme Aluprof


As a response to the growing demand for building products with high thermal insulation, windows and doors with thermal break systems have been developed MB-70HI, MB-70US HI and windows built into the curtain wall system MB-70CW HI . Their design is based on a system known for its srength and durability, the MB-70, MB-70US and MB-70CW.

Thermal insulation of the system is much larger than the thermal insulation of the base system, so that constructions using MB-70HI system, Uf factor is 1.0 – 2.3 W / m²K, depending on the profiles and accessory used.

Increased thermal insulation is achieved through special isolation room placed in the middle, joining the aluminum profiles. Profile of insulation is characterized by low values of thermal conductivity and reduce heat flow. The central location also limits the contributions of convection and thermal radiation.

The windows and doors system MB-70HI, as in the case of the basic system can be used both in individual solutions, as well as the facades of aluminum, where the junction between the upright and the straight edge part of the system, MB-SR50 HI isolation improved heat.


MB-70 is a modern aluminum system that is used for the the execution of architectural elements that require thermal and acoustic insulation, such as various types of windows, doors, windows, structural construction etc.

The system profiles are divided into three rooms, building a profile depth is 70 mm for windows and 79 mm for the sash frame and doors 70 mm and 70 mm. If tread depth of sash and frame give the effect of one surface from the outside after closing – in the case of the window, and the effect of a doubling of the sash and frame surface – if the door. The shape of the profiles enables the construction of doors and windows and esthetics. The MB-70 system is also possible of windows with so-called “hidden casement” MB-70 and MB-70 Industrial US, which is great postindustrial modernization of buildings, history and monuments.

The MB-70 is characterized by a low coefficient of heat transfer U – due to the use of special heating and gaskets. This is very important when the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection are becoming increasingly demanding. The system profiles meet the thermal requirements of material group 1 for Windows and 2.1 for doors, according to DIN 4108. thermal bridges used in this system is shaped like the letter “omega” width of 34 mm to 24 mm for windows and doors, made of polyamide reinforced with glass fibers. The specific shape of the polyamide increases the rigidity of profiles compared with polyamides and facilitates drainage of flat sections, while ensuring an adequate thermal insulation in any weather conditions. Thermal compartments used in windows are additionally sealed.

Due to inter alia the use of such forms of thermal compartments for increasing the thermal insulation is not necessary to complete the surface of this foam.

Sealing is ensured through the use of special seals of two-component EPDM synthetic rubber: solid and cellular, which guarantees aging resistance during long operation and a very good thermal insulation. MB-70 is the first system that has been used to achieve the center seal material.

The system allows the use of glass packages with between 21 and 57 mm thickness for windows and between 12 and 48 mm for fixed panels or doors. A wide range of both filling guarantees the possibility to use all types of standard or non-standard windows.

Wide assortment of colors in the standard can satisfy the most demanding customers.

The MB-70 possesses the technical approval of the construction techniques of the Institute (ITB) for windows and balcony doors (AT-15-4647 / 2000)


Lif and slide doors are an ideal solution for connections between rooms or greenhouses with the outside environment, providing a convenient exit to the balcony, terrace or garden. Allows good contact with the environment and in open space not retain chamber, which raises the comfort of their use. The MB-77HS is one of the products with the best parameters and meets all requirements for this product group. They can be constructed in two different insulation options: ST and HI. Construction door profiles allows exclusive bulky glass with one or two rooms, and the materials and technical solutions used helps achieve a high degree of thermal and sound insulation. Due to its characteristics, this system is ideal for both houses as well as comfortable apartments or hotels.


Due to a rich offer of profiles , architects and designers can realize the most avant-garde ideas in the construction of aluminum and glass.

The system is intended for building and implementing protective walls easily, and roofs, skylights and other structures.

Form pillars and struts permit to construct aesthetic facades with slender lines of separation visible, while ensuring strength and durability of construction. In addition, the profiles have rounded outer corners, allowing the creation of the effect of the so-called “soft-line”.

The large number of mullions and rods available in the system guarantees optimal aluminum consumption. Due sectional shape optimization and choosing the appropriate thickness of the wall were obtained economic profiles. In the case of high stresses on all the posts may be established on the inside with aluminum typical, leading to increasing their resistance. Easy processing of profiles reduces preparation time, eliminating any cuts in the side surfaces of the uprights.

The use of thermal barrier material made of HPCV continue and the trim of the EPDM allows achieving a RMG 2.1 insulation class according to DIN 4108.

To bottle the coefficients of the frame is RD = 2.21 [W / (m2 * K] which allows to obtain a temperature of -10 ° C to the outer surface of the column and minimizes the phenomenon of condensation of water vapor on the elements aluminum.

Due to the layered construction of parapet areas under the windows, where no flammable materials were used but mineral wool or gypsum boards, the product received fire protection rating according to building F0,25 (EI15) NRO and F0,5 (EI45) NRO.

In order to achieve the curved angular curtain wall in the vertical and / or horizontal profiles have been provided for special sealing and masking, which leads to lack of forming the limits of the building body and eliminates the need for use of special angular pillars. The accessories shipped with the system, brackets and aluminum joint that secures the wall construction of the building are made of aluminum alloy AlMgSi0,5F22.

If MB-SR50 based facades can use masking profiles of different shapes. A very aesthetic façade variation is the so-called vertical and horizontal lines, which emphasizes sharing – vertical or horizontal. This system is also the basis for other solutions: wall “semi-structural” MB-SR50 EFEKT, the façade of “Industrial” building used for application to a skeleton of a wood or steel (MB-SR50 A) and facades where the glass plates are used for post stiffener construction. For these types, besides the elements that open the standard mode can be used or the folding roof windows which are based on structural wall system MB-SR50.